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"The Chamber's challenge is to demand micro business management of community held assets such as parking for customers in the main street and to generate a dynamic response to the business community in general. Whilst we need to address the ‘Underlying Issues’ of the business sector, the business owners must be the Custodians of The Business Sector themselves and lead with Innovation."

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We have come up with a number of key projects, some of which are shown which are;

  • The Fort Re-Enactment and Visual Display, left.
  • The Lagoon Project on The Main Beach in Queenscliff, right.
  • Mobile Beach Boxes* for hire on our Beaches, below.

These are just some ideas that we believe, if we can get the local business community involved, it will bring in year round visitors to our community.

If you would like to assist in the development of any of these projects please do not hesitate to come to our meetings and discuss.


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The Rip Chamber Incorporated